Zone Cleaning Schedule

Homemaking Skills – Zone Cleaning Schedule (CLEAN THE EASY WAY)

Hey Homemakers! This week’s homemaking skills are all about establishing a zone cleaning schedule. This zone cleaning schedule will change the way you clean for the better. You will get much more done without feeling like a slave to your house. Also, don’t forget to grab your FREE zone cleaning schedule printable – link below!

Basic Homemaking Skills

FREE Zone Cleaning Schedule Printable: Check out the rest of my FREE printables below

Flour Sack Towels –

For today’s homemaking skills I’m sharing my zone cleaning schedule with you. This zone cleaning printable is a great resource. Zone cleaning for beginners as well as the seasoned homemaker can all benefit from this efficient cleaning method. House cleaning is a basic homemaking skill that all homemakers will encounter but with these housekeeping routines, you will have it mastered in no time. Be sure to watch the whole video to have zone cleaning explained in a simple easy to follow way.