Do I Need to File A Confirmation Statement

In this video, we briefly explain what a Confirmation Statement is, who needs it and when it has to be submitted to Companies House. All UK Companies registered at Companies House are legally required to submit the Confirmation Statement every 12 months. You can read the full Confirmation Statement guide here:

Annual Return

Amare MLM

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Mental Wellness

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Bitcoin Black Friday

Love your BitPay card? We made a song about that. Our Black Friday Bitcoin Song. A cryptocurrency remix of Rebecca Black’s Friday, about Black Friday because we couldn’t hammer it in any harder.

Bitcoin Song (Rebecca Black)

Crypto Finally is an independent content creator with no affiliation to BitPay Global Payment Services.

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Review

Check out the best shop vac to buy in 2019 This is the Milwaukee vs Ridgid vacuum review.

Tools To Buy For Men For Christmas

Ridgid Pro Pack
*** ***

Milwaukee 18V cordless
*** ***

You can also check out all the tools we prefer to use right here
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The Best Motorcycle Riding Ear Plugs – Tested 2019

When it comes to what is The Best Motorcycle Riding Ear Plugs so many YouTubers give you such wrong information because they are just trying to sell you a product and make money not provide you a solution.

So how they can look you in the eye and roll up an earplug or jam a Chinese made piece of plastic that caught going and off a helmet and tell you that this is the best, but this.

If you must have a quick solution, buy it from Amazon and return it when it does not work and get your money back. Then you can be part of all the new class action lawsuits that are happening on generic ear plugs.

Still, others sell a filtered earplug that says it’s a 20dB reduction, but that’s only if it’s in perfectly and a helmet is not pulling your ear up and down breaking the seal, and the real NRR is only 11dB.
You must do all your research!

It’s not bad business as they only get paid when you buy from them and they are sitting in a room and are not avid motorcycle riders, or they would never say that a universal earplug is the best.

It would say that taking the subway in Mumbai India in rush hour is the best way to see India.

Wrong, It is not!!!

We are avid motorcycle riders and have created the best motorcycle hearing protection that money can buy, Look around we did, and this is what it is The Best Motorcycle Riding Ear Plugs on the market today.

So please go through all the videos and see what Stone is saying here “The One” is simply the best.

It goes from a solid earplug to a filtered earplug in seconds.

Here is the video on that exactly happens.

Riding Earplugs

Piano Medely

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Piano Medely

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Search Recon Florida

Search Recon is a Local SEO Agency in Florida that resides in Vero Beach. We specialize in On-Site and Off-Site SEO and Whitehat Authority Organic Link Building. Everything we do is meant specifically to follow Googles guidelines which is the number one factor in ranking your website. This video will explain why you should choose us when considering growing your business.

Search Recon Florida

Tips for Finding Best Windshield Replacement Company

At some point, if you own a vehicle, you may have to deal with chipped, cracked or broken car windows. Auto glass companies specialize in car window repair and replacement. Many auto glass companies exist today all with the promise of excellent service and quality work, but only a few can deliver on this promise. Quality auto glass repair and replacement is crucial because of the safety importance of the auto glass. So how can you choose the best Windshield Replacement Company to work on your vehicle? Here are a few tips on how to choose the best company for the job.

Windshield Replacement Cary NC

Great communication

When you do a search on auto glass companies in your local business listings or online, you will find a couple of companies in the area. You can pick a handful of them that look promising and call them up to hear what they have to offer. Good communication is essential in auto glass repair and replacement. You should find a company that is responsive, they should have someone on the phone to answer calls or reply to emails fast.

This professional should ask the customer all the questions regarding the condition of the vehicle’s auto glass and share accurate information on repairs and replacement, depending on which one is necessary. Avoid companies that do not give sufficient information or jump to suggestions without hearing you out first.


You need to find an windshield replacement company that can work around your schedule conveniently. If you have a huge family, have to drop the kids off at school, go to work, run errands and still pick them up in time, you always need your vehicle to be in excellent working condition. You need a company that can get your vehicle back on the road without disrupting much of your schedule. Find a glass company with a mobile glass repair service for minor repairs. If you have to leave your car at their body shop, you should receive an estimated pick up time, one that they will stick to.


Depending on your insurance cover type, the insurance company may handle part or all of the repair costs for your vehicle. Insurance companies often have a list of recommended repair companies where clients can have their cars repaired. You should be on the lookout for auto glass companies recommended by your insurance provider. Dealing with insurance companies can be a little hectic at times, so find a company that has customer service representatives who will deal with the insurance company for coverage verification and billing requirements. They can make the entire process much simpler by handling everything and conveying the information to you.

Skilled technicians and certification

Your car windows are what keep you safe when you are driving. You should leave the repair or replacement process to a skilled technician for your safety. Do not trust anyone who is not experienced in this field. Find an windshield replacement company with extensively trained, experienced and licensed professionals. The company should use high-quality materials, efficient processes, and techniques to ensure you get your vehicle back as soon as possible and with quality repair work. Look out for the AGRSS (Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard) certification and registration to the AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council), as these bodies maintain standards for replacement and repair of auto glass.

CVV Shop

Every iPhone Ad (2007-2019). Here’s every iPhone commercial from the original iPhone in 2007 to the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max in 2019. In this video we look at every single iPhone ad. Be sure to stick around till the end to vote for your favorite! You’ll see the very first commercial for iPhone 2G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 and finally iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

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